Hwy 509 & Marine View Drive


Trip Date: 10-1-2006


  • Commencement Bay
  • Tacoma Water Front


  • Merging traffic Hwy 705


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Marine View Twisties
Tacoma WA
10.2 MB 314 Kbits/Sec.

Trip Details:

There was no special reason for this trip other then to play in some near by twisties and get some more video footage. I was bored and and needed to ride! This was a solo ride around 5:PM. Strangely enough I keep saying it's the last nice day and the rains are coming but we seem to keep getting sun. No complaints here. After a quick fuel stop I traveled down 30th street in Tacoma to the waterfront. Schuster Parkway parallels Commencement Bay on the west side and is always nice to ride. This road runs into town or on to Hwy 705 which in this case was the route I took. 1/2 mile down Hwy 705 I turned off onto the 21st street off ramp. Here I went left on to Hwy 509. This is a rather short stretch of highway but it's great because it gets you off of  I-5. Hwy 509 turns into Marine View drive. This stretch of road parallels Commencement Bay on the east side. I pulled over and let the few caged rider ahead of me put some distance between them and me. This way I can play a bit in the turns. I don't get wild and stupid but I do like to hang in the turns from time to time. I always ride within my limits. What a great day! A bit cool but the sun is out and we have clear skies with just a few white clouds. After about a 5 minute wait I pressed record on my video camera and play on my MP3 player. A little AC/DC should do. As I was navigating the turns and listening to the music it was clear to me that the music I was listening to would have to be on the video. It was a fun but short run. Not allot of road but excellent road. The turns were fun. I turned back and rode them back until I got stuck behind a Harley. That's Ok... Maybe it was stop and smell the roses time. Or take in the few along with some unburned fuel from the HD cruising in front of me. :-) Good for him! I'm for any rider on any motorcycle that's out on the road to just plain ride. There comes a time where you can only do a short ride due to time constraints and this is definitely one of the better short rides in Tacoma!


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