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Carbon River
Ride Date: 5-30-2009

This was a fun 114 mile ride to Carbon River. The ride was posted and led by Moshee from our forum. Mosheee brought his son Grageracer and daughter Suzibandita. Both are good riders. We met at the Target on 320th and departed the lot at 10:AM. We headed down Peasley Canyon and on to West Valley heading into Sumner. We rode hwy 162 through Orting and South Prairie and then hwy 165 through Wilkeson and Carbonado. We stopped for coffee along the way as well as a view view point stops for the featured video to the right. The weather was perfect at about 70 degrees with nothing but sun! I had a blast as it's nice to ride a short ride from time to time. We stopped at our destination next to the Carbon River just before the gate. It's still closed due to wash outs. We road across the one lane bridge that goes across the Carbon River near the camp grounds. On the way our we hung a left t go up for a breathe taking view of MT. Rainier. After that we rode back across the old bridge and through the twisties into Wilkeson and on to Carbonado and then Orting for lunch. The icing on the cake was when Moshee offered to buy lunch. Polecat you missed out buddy! We ate at a small place in Orting. I will update this with the name when someone refreshes my memory. Pole Spar I think... Today's menu was Pizza for Garageracer and Suzibandita, a Club Sandwich for Wingman and Moshee had some kind of giant breakfast plate with pancakes, eggs and the trimmings. After a filling lunch we hit the road continuing the way we came. We couldn't have asked for better weather and I couldn't have rode with a better group. We parted ways in Auburn as I pulled into Hinshaws' to visit a couple guys. Another fun ride and a great day goes down in the books.

Carbon River Group Ride Video
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Bunkhouse BBQ Ride
Ride Date:

We finally got together and did some riding. Be it cold and somewhat gloomy we had our first burger run destination Bunkhouse BBQ in McKenna WA. We met at the Safeway in Tacoma on 6th Ave at 12 Noon and spent 15 minutes chatting and drooling over each others bikes. Kim (rebelrider07) was showing off the new cruiser pegs, I did some drooling over Bob's (Happypuppy) FJR as everyone shot the breaze. Mark (Dartnmark) was present with his sweet Harley and Dave (skylane5sp) road his Goldwing GL1500. Rebel riders Hubby (Robert) road his Black and Chrome Honda Shadow.  We had two other riders Tom and Rita who came with Rebel rider and Robert. After some chat we stopped for fuel and headed up I-5 to hwy 512. We road the Spanaway loop road out to the Roy Y where we turned left rode through Roy and on to McKenna home of Bunkhouse BBQ.  As we entered the heat from the pellet stove was much  welcomed. As always the waitresses were great and the cook did an amazing job as the food was delicious. I had the Barn Burner with extra Jalapeņos and a Chocolate Malt. We had a great time chatting and Kim (rebelrider07) handed out bike bells to ward of the evil Mojo. After the feast we parted ways as some needed to get back home and I, Mark and Dave finished up with a ride through Yelm, DuPont and Chambers Creek. The Chambers Creek area was nice and we had a great view as we rode parallel to the Narrows water way. We made a quick stop at Titlow Beach and then parted ways to head home. Although the weather wasn't the best the ride was good, food was great and we finally got to put faces to screen names. 

Bunkhouse Group Ride Video

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