Leavenworth WA

Trip Date: June  16th,  2006


  • Snoqualmie Fall

  • Snoqualmie Summit

  • Snoqualmie River

  • Keechelus Lake

  • Yakima River


  • Falling rock I-90

  • Pass Traffic

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Trip Details: 

 I have owned my ST1300 for only a few weeks and was excited to put some miles on it. I had not planned any destination or even riding for that matter. This was one of those spur of the moment deals. I seem to do this allot. After crossing a few things of my things to do list (for Saturday) it was getting around 11 AM and time to get going. I called a buddy of mine to see if he was interested in a ride. He was and we decided on a short ride to Snoqualmie Falls. I checked my bike out, geared up and headed towards my buddy’s house. After a brief visit we headed towards I-5 and then Hwy 18.  The weather was sunny and about 80 degrees in Tacoma. This made for a very enjoyable ride. We arrived at Snoqualmie Falls around 1 PM. I have always enjoyed the view of the falls and took this opportunity to snap some digital photos. After about 20 minutes we were thinking about getting some food some place. I got the craving for Bratwurst and mentioned this to my buddy Dave. I followed this up with “hey, let’s ride to Leavenworth”. He thought about it briefly and decided it would be worth doing.

We headed up I-90 and over the pass. The temperatures cooled a bit crossing the pass and the decrease in temperature felt good. This soon changed as we dropped in elevation as we road down the other side. We were making great time until we came up on a traffic jam. This really sucked because at this point it was 90 degrees and we were not moving at all. We inched our way forward for about 1/4 miles where we came up on the cause of the traffic snarl. It was the norm, rear end collision. Once past the obstacle, traffic flow picked back up to a welcomed 80 mph. We road on to Cle-Elm and stopped for fuel. Thank god, because I began to find that the stock seat was not cutting it. I developed tailbone pain after about 40 miles in the saddle. It looks like a Rich’s Custom Seat is in order.

After fueling and a bit of a rest break, we headed towards Leavenworth. While riding this stretch of road I really enjoyed the scenery. Farm houses in the middle of all that acreage sure looked tempting. I started reflecting on the down side to living in the city as housing becomes more and more condensed. We passed a buffalo farm with a sign stating Buffalo meat was for sale. I also noticed the heard of Buffalo were in the far corner of the property. This was about as far away from that sign as they could get. I found this amusing. But then, I’m easily amused. Soon we get closer to Leavenworth as we start to pass fruit farms. I noticed one of the farms was equipped with large electric 2 bladed wind mills that resemble the mills that generate electricity from wind power. In this case, they use electricity to move the blade which in turn pulls warmer air from above the ground down towards the fruit trees.

Soon we arrive in Leavenworth. What a great town! Leavenworth is an old town that once hosted the Olympic ski jump competitions. At some point a couple of investors converted the look of the town to resemble a Bavarian town and history was made. The Bavarian atmosphere has been drawing crowds of tourists ever since. In the spring the hills east of the town are snow covered giving it a realistic Swiss Alps look. We snap a few pictures as we walk the length of the town taking in the scenery. Since our hunger was getting the best of us we decided to grab a bit to eat at the Soup Cellar.  This is a great place to eat on a hot day. The Soup Cellar is located under ground and is very cool. I have to say the food is exceptional and you can’t go wrong ordering anything from their menu. Once fed and watered we made our way back to our bikes. Here we ran into  4 other riders sitting on a bench near their cruisers. My buddy fit right in since he rides a Victory cruiser. We engaged in conversation with them discussing riding. One of the riders was the proud owner of a new Triumph Rocket III Classic. What a nice looking bike!

After some great discussion we climbed on our bikes and began our journey home. It was really getting hot. My ambient air temp gauge was reading 95. We road the same route back and enjoyed the same scenery as we did during the ride up. With the exception of the bumpers and tail lights we were forced to look at during the traffic jam. Once again the cool air of the pass was welcomed. We stopped by my buddies and he went his way. 15 minutes later I was rounding the corner to my house. After riding in the heat my driveway way looking pretty good as I knew my AC unit had maintained my house a t a cool 74 degrees. Another great ride has come to an end. Next stop, Rich’s Custom Seats!

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Tacoma, Washington - United States (USA)
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