Technology for the Open Road

Today's technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Thanks to competitive prices and the race to produce the best in class, the consumer has some really great and affordable devices that do nothing more then add to the quality of our lives. As I ride where the open roads take me I continue to appreciate the portability, ease of use and in some cases, improve on safety. Below are some of the very devices I have found to be very useful to me as I ride our beautiful state of Washington.

Archos 605 WiFi : Imagine riding several hundred miles to your next stop. A hotel room that will provide a safe place to rest for the night on a weekend trip or maybe a cross country ride. For video entertainment you have the option of watching TV/Cable, renting DVD's providing the hotel provides a player or bringing a portable player and watching video on a small screen 320X240 screen. Now imagine pulling out a portable player that fits in the palm of your hand that can hold 80 GB of music and video. Now imagine plugging it into the TV's audio and video inputs and choosing from as many as 30 NTSC 720 movies that display in DVD quality on even the 42" TV's. This compact DVR is nothing short of amazing! Now I'll add the device is WiFi enabled and has the Opera Web browser with Flash video support. This is a must when your on the road and want to search YouTube for ride videos. Got your attention?

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Creative Labs Zen Vision: M : Wether its a day ride or your riding cross country it's always nice to bring your music with you on the road. There are many players that come to mind and we all know one of them well as the IPOD has been a dominant device since it originally hit the market. Apple has done a good job but in this case it falls short when compared to the Zen Vision: M. When the Zen Vision: M is compared to the IPOD video well you can watch your movie or view your photo's on a screen that supports 61,000 colors (IPOD) or how about a brilliant bright high contrast screen that supports 262,000 colors. I would also like to point out that if you intend to watch the Movie King Kong on the IPOS video, well the battery will deplete before you reach the end and you will have to re-charge to finish the video. This is not the case with the Zen Vission: M. And the music sounds so sweet!

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Garmin Street Pilot Series GPS : 

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