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Just a quick note to let you know that folks that originally found us because of your review are still coming back.

We've added outside seating (three tables, four chairs, a park bench) as well as an ATM. Couple all that with the new paint, retro signage and the murals and you might not recognize the place.
Thanks again for the shout out all those months ago.

  Eastside Big Tom


Hey Rob, It was suggested I take a look at your web site my a relation of yours, and a good friend of mine. Adam, from Cycle Gear in Tacoma and I were talking this morning and I told him I was thinking about riding up to Hurricane Ridge on Saturday and that led to this. Love your site.I also do some writing for "Trailrider" magazine. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and will keep checking in with your site from time to time. Take care.



Just wanted to say thanks again for the tips. we got back late last night and the trip was amazing. Made an on-the-fly change and went south to Medford from Crater Lake. , up i5 and than off at hwy 42 to Coos Bay on the coast.
Hwy 42 has an amazing stretch of about 40 miles of nothing but 40 mph sweepers...5 bikes in a like doing 70 through that section was truly amazing. with no traffic in front of us this was one the best sections of roads I've been on in the NW. Would highly recommend to anyone that likes that sort of thing.
Thanks again Rob and keep up the good work on the website.


Hey Rob,
Just wanted to say how useful this site. Live in Vancouver, WW. and the wife and i have ran many of the same roads that you have posted about. Just got back from a week through the San Juan's. and your tips and tricks made it a very enjoyable trip.
Once again. Great job on the site and keep it up.. The riders in the pacific NW. appreciate it.




Hey, I want to thank you for your burger list.  I used to work at a Bog Tom's and I've had a love affair with burgers ever since.
The next time you get to Yakima, skip Minors and go to Majors.  Their burgers are quite as large but they have more flavor IMHO.  It's worth a chew.. Also, in Spokane there's a place called O'Dougherty's.  They used to have a burger called the Big O.  It was gigantic!  You might check to see if they still sell it.


Rob...I enjoyed reading your road test on the B-King.

I have now moved back to Washington from Arizona where I have been for four and one half years. I am going to have to get used to riding in cold wet weather. I thing I will take my bike by your recommendation, to Hinshaw's for service etc. Hope to meet you sometime. I live in Redmond, am retired, and could do some riding if you are interested in riding with another B-King.

Warm Regards,  Mike


We agree with you 100 percent with your rating of "Big Toms" in Olympia, WA.  We eat lunch there almost every Friday when in that town. One establishment you may have missed that has excellent burgers is "The Wild Turkey" in Napavine, WA.  They have quite a variety; but our favorite is the Southwest Burger (with jalapenos and pepperjack.  It is great. We have really enjoyed your hamburger restaurant rating and are planning on trying some of them out.

Thanks so much.  John and Bernice


Hey Rob, I have 2 sisters and a brother in-law coming in tomorrow night from Sacramento, CA to ride a week long with myself and my 2 other sisters and brother in law from Centralia, WA. We are going to be doing the South Bend, Long Beach, Astoria, to Cathlamet River Ferry into Longview ride and wanted to know if you could recommend a great burger place along that route. I was thinking around Astoria or Longview. Just so you know we are doing Papa Pete's Pizza another day after a ride up to Mt St Helens in case you were going to recommended it. We would appreciate any thought on this! I love your website. Great rides and good to know eats. By the way the burger joint in Fife is my place to go when I just want to ride and eat. I love the park like setting and their fries with tartar rock!

Thanks, Lisa


Hi Rob, thanks for your excellent idea to share us your B-King improvements. I have a B-king too, and same like you I have bought the Buell Pegs Lowering Kit. This afternoon I installed the left side buell peg, but I feel that is necessary to change the shift gearīs bar for another a little bit longer than the original because of the correct foot position whit the new and lowered Buell peg.
I would like to your your opinion about this. Congratulations for all your great help.

Carlos G.


Gotta compliment you on your excellent web site Rob.  Best site I've seen yet!  Appreciate the time you have taken to produce the installation videos etc. which helps other BKING owners. I am 6'3" tall so will probably purchase the peg kit once I get back up to Washington. The jury is out regarding the exhaust change as I think changing it takes away from what a BKING is supposed to look like. (trademark exhaust). The handlebar mirrors might be something I'd invest in though.
Have a great day!


Dear Rob, I LOVE your sight and have learned a great deal from it. I have a B-King and want to put on aftermarket pipes for APPEARANCE only - NOT for increased power. I DO NOT want lots of extra noise or vibration. You tested the 2Bros & the Yoshi pipes. Which were the quietest of the two? I really appreciate your feedback on this one.

Regards BRIAN
South Africa.


We love fresh fish and due to the comments in several writes ups, stopped here on our way for a vacation on Vashon Island and again on our way home.  The quality is excellent.  We had delicious halibut, cod, redfish, clams, smoked salmon, and cerviche.  The one special fish we got on the way home was the swordfish, we've not had it in way too long.  It was great!  Thanks to Old Town Northern Fish Co. for allowing us to have fresh fish, when we're in the Tacoma area.


Thanks for your great website. Your rides look great! Five of us Canadians plan to tour Washington and or Idaho for 6 days in early July 09. Do you have any suggested routes to get us back to The Idaho/canada border in 6 days or less? We are not "Iron Butt" riders and prefer to spend 8 hrs/day riding, including meal/photo stops. We all ride Wings.
Warren (in St. Albert, Alberta)


Hey Rob
Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to put up this website. i am a new rider and have been looking for ride ideas and your great website has definitely given me some great ideas.


This is a great site.  I've been riding and racing for about as long as you.  I currently have a '04 Suzuki 1600.  I grew up in the Puget Sound area and am vary familiar with many of the routes you've noted.  I now reside in the Tri-Cities, which has lots of great riding as well.  It's now just starting to warm up and we're looking forward to a long hot riding season.  Keep the good work on this site.

Greg O.
Richland WA


What a great site! My son found it and emailed me the link. I have a R1100RT BMW and have been to a lot of the places you filmed. Watching it was like doing the trip all over again. I was raised in Glenoma and lived in Morton for 20 years and liked what you said about that area. It's true, wish I was still there. I live in Olympia now, still a great place. Thanks for a great site.

Olympia, WA


Your information is amazing. Myself and a friend are riding up to washington from Ca. Your trip stories and video will be of great help. we are taking the 101 up to Long Beach WA. from there on into Vashon, then when we leave we are going by Rainer Mt. St. Helens down into the gorge on to crater lake. Then cross over into Ca. to Lassen valcanic park then to Reno/Tahoe. I just hope my logs and pictures as well as video will be as good. Thank you sir. Ride safe Ride true most of all enjoy the Ride



Hi Rob,

Congrats on having such a wonderfully informative website. 



Wow, what a find!  Thank you for all your efforts on this site.  I am a recent transplant to Seattle area from Colorado and had a hunch there is some great riding around here, now I know there is!  Now all I need is some decent Beemer is getting bored. 

Thanks again.  Tad


Hi Rob,

Down here in Lander, Wyoming we are expecting snow and its suppose to drop down to -2. So far this winter it has dipped to -15. So you probably understand why I enjoyed your Multnomah Falls video so much. It was great! My wife and I ride as soon as the weather breaks. We have some great rides down here too. Just not a lot of time in the summer to enjoy them. We ride a 03 Honda VTX1800c for cruising and a 2000 Big Dog Husky XL for the short runs. Your Wing is a great looking bike. Gotta be fun to ride! Wish you well and be safe. Brian    


I just found your website. Moved here from Wisconsin two years ago and love it here. Just watched your Windy Ridge video and relived the beauty of it. I made that trip (with a friend) about a week after I totaled my car in a roll-over making the drive up to Johnston Ridge. Never made it -- but went to Windy Ridge afterwards and was terrified going back down. I suspect that having just totaled my car out had something to do with it. Your videos are great and a wonderful way for me to share the beauty of Washington State with my friends in other parts of the country. Thank you so very, very much!


Great website.  Wife and I are travelling from VA to SD (Black Hills) then headed to WA, OR, CA and then heading home. Your website is providing a lot of great info on the roads to ride.  We are planning to hit Paradise Inn (WA), Crater Lake and also Rt. 101 down the OR coast.  The logistics are a bit challenging, but I think we can do it without a whole lot of back tracking.

God Bless and thanks!



Rob, the is not only the best motorcycle web site I've ever seen, but probably the best personally created web site on the planet. It must be a lot of work though ... do you have time to work?!!

Regards & thanks.  Bruce R.


Hi Rob - Great site thanks for all your good work. Could you tell me what the music track was, please, at the end of the Windy Ridge - Mt St. Helens vid. Great guitar. Thanks again, Dave.


Hi Rob, thanks for your Ride Guide. My wife and I rode down the 101 and apart from some scary road repairs had a wonderful ride. The 101 has some incredible sea views especially as you travel through Oregon. The Astoria Bridge is spectacular as well, at 4 miles long across the Columbia River and rising to around 198 feet on the Oregon side and wind can play a factor there too. Overall I found that the logging trucks were the most dangerous hazards on those roads as they tended to hug your taillight even at 65mph and they create a lot of slipstream wind when they overtake or pass you.
 Safe riding


We just got back into riding after 12 years.  Love your site and will be trying to take many of your rides. Thanks again, keep it up.
John and Kim


Your website is spectacular.  I simply can't get enough.  The scenery is terrific, and I really like that you don't play music during the ride, because it gives the video more of an authentic feel. 

-Joe, from Cleveland OH (planning on moving to Portland Summer 2010)


Hi Rob,

The rally went great! We had 350 plus in attendance. Your videos of
the Washington rides from were a hit. They were played about a
dozen times over the weekend with crowds present so those interested had a
chance to view them. Thank you for your effort in producing and providing
them for the event.

Keep a watch on the district website for pictures of the


Hey, rob.  my name is Drew.  I just moved to WA state from Maui, HI. I just bought a new Suzuki GSXR 750, and have been doing a little exploring around the Vancouver area.  I was coming back from a quick trip along the Washougal River Rd., when I met some random guy who commented on my bike.  anyway, the long and short of it is that he turned me on to your website.  too cool.  I didn't get his name, but remembered your site.  thanks to him, and to you for your site!


I was thrilled to stumble upon your site (after I had been drooling over some of Pashnit's California videos). I've been hoping to find a "Pashnit-like" group of riders here in Tacoma. I love to ride but don't know where all the good roads are. everybody wants to get on the freeway -- not my idea of fun. maybe I'll bump into you guys at Sunday's ride for the troops. i drive a silver '07 ST1300 w/2 sets of PIAA lights above the mirrors (night ride, anyone?)


Thank you for putting together a wonderful site! One of the cool things about Washington is the plethora of awesome mom&pop burger stands that can be found around the state. I have often thought it would be a good idea to make a listing of all of them and lo and behold, you have done it! Being a motorcycle rider myself I now have a "road map" of destinations to check out. As a former employee of Big Tom's I have found there to be general frustration with the lack of available dining to be had on the lot. For a better dining room than Big Tom's could ever hope to offer there is a park (Lion's Park I believe it is called) just down the  side street connected to the lot that is quite nice with many trees to sprawl out under once you have downed your Big Tom feast. Looking forward to checking out the site and have a great day!



I am an intern for McGarrah Jessee, an advertising agency in Austin, Texas. I am doing some internet research on hamburgers and hamburger joints for Whataburger, a Texas-based fast food establishment. I read your blog with the hunt for the top burgers in Washington State. Would you be willing to confidentially answer a few questions about burgers and what makes a good burger for our research?

Rob's Answer:  "Anything for the great burger cause!" "Make them fresh, make them messy, grill the bun and put some Malt in that chocolate shake!" Oh ya... And have allot of parking for bikers!


Try the Burgers Big Bubba's Drive in Allyn Washington
On the way there you can warm up at Crazy Eric's eatery in Belfair just across the road (south) from Safeway.
Good drive in burgers. I would love to join you on one of your rides.


Great site. I plan to see if I can get through all of your suggested rides on my ST1300 soon. I also appreciate the respect you have shown for our troops. Keep it up
Elma, WA


Hi, what an awesome site!  We have a 98 Goldwing and are planning to go to Lake Quinault for our 30th Wedding Anniversary next weekend.  Thank you for the great route description! 

Mark and Margie


Hi Rob,

I am just starting to plan a ride for my dad and I to take next month.  I'll be starting in Los Gatos, Ca, picking him up in Redding, Ca and heading Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and back home.  Thanks a lot for the info on your site. It is the best I've found so far and appreciate your insight.  If you think of any "must ride" routes on our way, I'd appreciate any direction you could give.  I'm on a R11GS and the old man's riding a K12LT.

Thanks again for posts!  jeff


For years we have been on the quest for the Perfect Roadside Burger. Like the ones we got along the Blue Highways before the Interstates. Found the best one so far at a place called "The Cool Cat Cafe" in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Tastes Great and lots of drippings left in the wrapper. I stumbled on your site last weekend and determined to drive to McKenna ASAP. Had to wait one week, but made it today around 1:00. Parked my convertible Mustang between 2 bikes who's riders were just suiting up after eating inside.
When I mentioned my Quest and your website, Alicia pointed out the window and said "Those Guys ?, they have the website."
Couldn't get out fast enough to say Hi, and Thanks. Maybe next time. In your honor, I ordered the Trail boss and actually ATE IT ALL. The thing looks like a 2 layer cake on a dinner plate!! I now have a hat, but the camera lens broke as she focused the camera ( what is it with these new cameras? This seems to happen a lot when I'm posing for a shot ) and I have been invited to come back next weekend for my Wall of Fame photo. Thanks for the tip. Mckenna is only 28 miles from home and well worth the drive. Beats 6 hours on an airplane  : )

Steve Davis
Midland Washington


I just discovered your site and have added it to my favorites. A site full of useful information (best burger joints) and places to ride, things to see ... Great job.

Mike Cheek


Hi Rob. I am the Vespa rider from Bellingham. I did the Olympic Peninsula loop you'd recommended last week. It was a great ride, sunny the first few days and rainy but with beautiful fall leaves the last few days. Hotels were deserted for the most part, Hurricane Ridge was open and a terrific ride, and I chatted with some nice folks along the way. Thanks for the advice!  David


Rob I really enjoyed your site and the new 2007 oyster run footage. This is a very professional web site and you should be proud.



This is a great website. We took the trip to Port Angeles this weekend, on the spur of the moment from Bellingham. We tried to get into the Sol Duc hot springs, but they were booked up. We stayed at the Best Western Olympic Lodge in Port Angeles and were very happy with the accommodations. It was clean and well maintained, quiet and the staff was friendly and courteous. We ate dinner at the Blue Flame BarBQue in Port Angeles and it was the best barbeque we've had in the Pacific Northwest. The menu was simple, but everything we tried tasted great. Make sure you stop on your next trip through. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday and open for dinner at 4 pm the rest of the week. Hurricane Ridge was spectacular and a fun ride. We ended up stopping at Fat Smitty's on the way home for the Fat Smitty's burger and were not disappointed. Thanks for the great information provided on your website. We plan on taking more of your weekend trips.

Dick and Sharon


Hi Rob, I met you on the Washington State Ferry coming from Orcas Island. I had the Bushtec Trailer. Bushtec's Site is They are located in Jacksboro Tn. You have a cool website. Our little journey was about 8037 miles. It started in Medina, Ohio. Then to New Orleans, San Antonio, San Diago, San Francisco, Seattle, Orcas Island, Sturgis, and home back to Ohio. 21 states in 22 days. Great trip. Keep on riding! Later, Ed


Hi Rob- I just wanted to let you know that Bob and I had an awesome time on our ride! We ended up putting in almost 700 miles in three days. Not bad for our first tour. We started and ended our trip at Quick Pick and we hit Fat Smittys. Great burgers!! Our names are on a dollar bill posted on the wall!!

Here's our route- (rain most of the first two days, but we took your advice and had good rain gear. We started in Fife and then headed to Mt. Rainier through Puyallup. We went down the backside and then turned West. We ended up spending the night in Chehalis. The second day was more than incredible. We went through Aberdeen to the coast and just headed up North. We loved the ride through the small towns, beaches, lakes, etc. We spent the night in Port Angeles and then headed up to Hurricane Ridge. We could not have asked for a better skies all the way up to the ridge. After heading down, we went to Discovery Bay and Smittys. After that we weaved our way through the Hood Canal hitting every little inlet we could. We
ended our ride going through Tahuya to Seabeck and then down to a friends in Port Orchard for the night. Your website really helped us solidify what we wanted to do. We will be doing a yearly ride in WA. Thanks!! 

Take care, Kris


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the info on your service page.  I was searching to find out who to go to for dyno tuning and how much they charge and you nailed it on the head with your description.  I'm sure you were intending to redirect people from the poor customer service of RMC to someone like Henshaw and you guided me there.

Thanks again,

2003 Kawasaki VN1500P2 Mean Streak
Vance and Hines Longshots (with quiet baffles)
Kuryakin Hypercharger


Nice website! I live in Tacoma. Good info for rides. I am planning on riding down by Mt. Adams and the Columbia river this summer when the weather gets better. Keep up the good work.


5-31- 2007

Rob awesome site!! Keep up the good work.

5-1- 2007

Hey Rob: Just happened upon your site from Google. I'm a Concours rider and just thought I would let you know that I really enjoyed your ride videos.  Great job!  Ride Safe...


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