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As a Suzuki B-King owner, I have read most of the motorcycle reviews regarding the B-Kingís looks, performance, ergonomics and handling. Although people seem to be polarized in regards to the looks of the B-King most seem to be on the same page in regards to performance, ergonomics and handling. The ergonomics of the B-King are exceptional. Although there is a forward lean into the bars the riding position is quite comfortable. I was surprised after my first 100 mile ride and amazed after a 200 miles ride given the riding position. I was still left wondering what the bike would be like with the bars raised by a set of risers. I used them on my 2006 Honda ST1300 with favorable results. If you intend to ride 200 -500 miles in a day this requires an ergonomically correct riding position. Nothing new here as road conditions and riding distance usually are leading drivers for the type of bike most people will buy and keep. The B-King is pretty good in this area as is. Several folks in the www.SuzukiB-King.org forum had installed different brands of bar risers and they seemed to like them. This really had me on the fence on whether to install this upgrade.

Another forum member and contributor, Martin Ciaizzo of Haverhill, Suffolk (UK), took the initiative to build a wooded mock up or model of a set of bar risers that would fit the Suzuki B-King. Martin took his model to Darren of D3 components also based out of the UK. Darren took the model Martin created and refined it into a CNC design and milled set of 30 mm bar risers. Darren offered a set of 30 mm bar risers to test and evaluate. The bar risers arrived nicely packaged in a small brown box. Upon opening the box the internal components were individually wrapped, each riser in its own thick plastic zip lock type bag. The mounting hardware and washers were in their own bag. In the box was a set of directions. The risers looked great CNC engineered and machined 6082-T6 aluminum with a nice black powder coat.

My hat is off  to Martin and Darren for bringing their ideas and skills together and producing a very nice set of bar risers that look as though they belong on the B-king.

 The installation procedure was very well explained in detail including recommendations to cover your tank with a blanket for protection. With a blanket protecting my tank I began the installation. This should have been an easy one with the removal of the two bolts mounting the OEM risers. Pull the bars back and slip the bar risers underneath them replace the existing OEM bolts with the new longer Allen head type supplied. In my case I got a bonus from the factory. Apparently during assembly they used allot of blue thread lock. The first bolt took an abnormal amount of torque to break lose and for each turn after that. After backing it out1/8 of an inch I was concerned it was cross threaded during assembly. With only 3,700 on the bike I decided to run it up to my local service department and have them look at it. This way if it was cross threaded I would find out at the shop and not in my garage where Iím ill prepared to deal with this sort of thing. Hinshawís Motorcycle store of Auburn WA got me in right away and did the work while I waited. The out come was excessive amount of blue thread lock that they too had a hard time with. They installed the bar risers and adjusted the bars for me.

 Sitting on the bike the service technicians and I looked over the clearances and free play in all the wiring and hydraulic brake and clutch lines. They all seemed fine with the exception of the clutch line. It had some free play but the technician commented he would feel better with a bit more. Since the clutch controls were butted up against the left electronic controls All that needs to be done is loosen it and slide it inward 1/8 of an inch and that solves this issue. At this point just sitting on the bike felt better. The ride home was 24 miles and I added to this, another 6 miles just because I was pleased with the riding position. I canít tell you at this point what a day ride will feel like afterwards but what I can say is I have ridden my B-king countless times to and from work and the added comfort was very noticeable. One of the first things I noticed that some may not have is with a long torso and lean into the bars my line of vision was more out of the top of my face shield looking forward. With the bar risers it much lower providing for an enhanced field of view. This makes for a much safer riding as far as Iím concerned. How much of a difference in comfort level will definitely be on a sliding scale as the riders height, length of torso and arms play a big role as does the distance of rides. What I can say is I for one am very pleased with the design, cosmetics and most of all the comfort and better field of view through my helmet lens. The risers look like they belong on the bike and in most cases are very easily installed. I will provide updates on the comfort of these new risers as I get some day rides knocked out. Until then the risers provided by D3 Components are CNC machined and finished with a nice black powder coat. They look like they belong on the bike, provide added comfort and safety. I highly recommend them to any B-King owner looking for added comfort on longer rides.  If you are from the states and are concerned about ordering parts from over seas (UK), donít be. I have done allot of business with manufacturers in the UK and in all cases the customer support and products were top notch! Come back from time to time for additional information and updates.

 If you are considering purchasing the bar risers please contact 3D Components. Visit their web site as they have other components you may want to consider as well.

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