Washington State Dams

April 4th, 2009 - Deschutes Dam

Deschutes Dam is located in the heart of Olympia the WA state capitol. As the 1st Dam on the Dam tour list for Washington most folks have driven over the Dam and probably never new it was there. I know I have... The Deschutes Dam separates the  Deschutes River and Bud Inlet causing the river water to back up creating Capitol Lake. This was a short distance from my home but we road the scenic DuPont Steilacoom  back road most of the way. The city center entrance provides for an amazing view of the WA state capitol building. I recommend arriving in the morning if possible so the sun will be at your back for a great photo of the Capitol building behind the lake.
Distance: 31.9 miles
Riders: Rob Green, Lloyd Duncan and Mike & Kristy Whitlatch



April 4th, 2009 - Mud Mountain Dam

Mud Mountain Dam is tucked away approximately 6 miles West of Buckley WA. We departed Deschutes Dam and rode Rainier Rd to the town of Rainer where we then took the Vail Cut Off Rd. back to McKenna where we enjoyed a tasty lunch at the Bunkhouse BBQ. The BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich was amazing. We departed McKenna on hwy 702 west bound and enjoyed some amazing views of MT. Rainier. Several short rides on hwy 7, 165 and 410 brought us through Buckley and on to The Mud Mountain Dam Rd. This was 6 miles of nice tree lined road all the way to the Dam. Departing the Dam we rode down through the Auburn valley on Green Valley Rd. and ten West Valley hwy through Sumner and 167 (River Rd.) into Tacoma. 
Distance: 132 miles
Riders: Rob Green, Lloyd Duncan and Mike & Kristy Whitlatch



April 19th, 2009 - Wapato Dam

Wapato Dam is located several miles south of Union Gap WA. This was a last minute ride with very little planning. It wnded up being one great ride that took us over 350 miles. We left Maple Valley at 12:20 PM and road over I-90 Snoqualmie Pass. We stopped for lunch in Union Gap at the Miners Drive-In. The Big Miner burger was great as always! We then headed for Wapato Dam We had a hell of time trying to get to it. We went Adventure motorcycling on Wings! Should have read the tips on the Dam Tour site. We finally got the picture for the Tour off the side of hwy 97. From there we enjoyed a awesome ride up hwy 12 past Rimrock lake and over White Pass. Mowitch lake was completely iced over. There was still skiing going on at both passes. The next treat was riding through Packwood. We came across 3 yes 3 different small herds of Elk. One of which contained about 25 Elk. We got within 15 yards of one of the small herds. Not bad for an off the hip ride and zero planning.

Riders: Rob Green and Lloyd Duncan

Dam List - For more information please visit www.Damtour.com


  1. Deschutes Dam
  2. Mud Mountain Dam
  3. Wapato Dam
  4. Rock Island Dam
  5. Dry Falls Dam
  6. North Scooteney Dike Dam
  7. Little Falls Dam
  8. Upriver Dam


  1. Fishhawk Lake Dam
  2. Rock Creek Dam
  3. McKay Dam
  4. Oxbow Dam
  5. Owyhee Dam
  6. Toketee Dam
  7. Thompson Reservoir Dam
  8. Hyatt Dam


  1. Flint Creek Dam
  2. Rainbow Falls Dam
  3. Keswick Dam
  4. O’Shaughnessy Dam

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