Rob's picks for some great stops!

Every once in a while I run across a place to stop and eat or enjoy a beverage. Atmosphere and quality is everything to me as much as the place being just different then most. When I find a place that  I have enjoyed I post it on this page. If you visit one of these  establishments and find it of value to you and possibly others please send me a Email with your comments.

Northern Fish Co. - Ruston Tacoma Waterfront

Ever have one of those mornings where you want to immediately get out of the house, breathe some fresh air and get a java fix all at the same time. That was my exact state of mind this morning. The Tacoma waterfront is very close to me and is always a good choice for a really short ride. Next to the Old Town pier there is a little fish store that used to be Johnny's until it was purchased well over a year ago by Northern Fish Co. The first thing the new owner did was remodel the place. A window was installed on the east end of the front of the building to allow walk up sales of coffee, beverages and other food such as chowders. I have been wanting to try their Mochas' for some time. I finally got around to doing so and was pleasantly surprised. Fist off the place is very clean. The staff was very friendly and  at one point the lady serving the coffee beverages actually stepped out  to ask how my Mocha was. That is something you don't see too often. I ordered a 20 oz. Mint Mocha on ice with two shots and it was perfect! So there I was sitting on the deck, enjoying one of the best Mochas I have had in a long time, looking out at the saltwater with the sound of nearby Seagulls and surf crashing on the shore. It was very relaxing. They serve both Salmon and clam chowder. I rode the B-king home and swapped it for the Goldwing. My step son and I then rode back down for a bowl of clam chowder. The chowder was amazing with chunks of potato and the clam was very tender as it should be. We also enjoyed free samples of different smoked salmon. If your in the area, I highly recommend stopping in for coffee and chowder. This wouldn't be a bad place to stop and meet prior to or after rides. hwy 705 to I-5 is just a short ride south from there. From this day forward the Northern Fish Co. will be one of my frequent stops.

Northern Fish Co.

2201 Ruston Way
Tacoma, WA
(253) 272-4104

Bunkhouse BBQ - McKenna WA

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Many of you who view this site have also stopped in at some of the burger joints I have listed. I have received allot of feedback. One thing seems to keep resonating from the emails when it comes to burger joints. Folks just seem to like the Bunkhouse BBQ as I do. For those of you who have been following my journeys know, Bunkhouse BBQ was once #1 on my burger list. That is until I ate the XXX burger from XXX Root Beer.  I can't help myself. That burger was so juicy and sloppy with such a soft bun I was hooked! For some reason I always felt guilty about moving it up to the #1 position. Then it hit me. It may be #1 but it definitely is not #1 for overall burger joints across the menu. I have tried several of their other burgers but didn't get that "Oh Ya" feeling. The Bunkhouse BBQ on the other hand, has many tasty burgers. I have tried at least 5 of their burgers and found them all to be juicy and just great. They also have the best Chocolate Malt I have had. For this, i have given them the honors of my pick for the beast burger stop in Washington. They are biker friendly and have allot of parking. Tell them Rob from sent you.

Bunkhouse BBQ
35611 SR 507
WA 98576
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Tacoma, Washington - United States (USA)
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