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Hyper-Lites flashing LED brake light system. Road-Quest.com WA motorcycle roads washington rides, maps eateries, burgers and forum.I'm always looking for innovative ideas in motorcycle performance, cosmetics and safety. This review will cover a very simply but extremely effective safety flashing brake light system by www.hyperlites.com. The lights consist of two small blocks of 6 clear lens  LED's with red lights and some form of small controller integrated in the wiring harness. They are very bright to say the least. They install cleanly into the rear lighting system. I was very impressed with the looks as well as the effectiveness of these lights. I purchased this set for $60 from their web site. They sell other models with integrated running lights and turn signals. At the time I didn't think about it but I could have bought the model with integrated turn signals and removed my bulky large units. The LED's are far more brighter then the large units using bulbs. I have to give credit to a forum member (skylane5sp). While on our bunkhouse BBQ burger run I road behind his Goldwing for a bit. I was surprised by the bright flashing lights. They were very effective in daylight and at distance. As we stopped and consumed great burgers and malts etc, I got the scoop on the product. Skylane5sp followed up with an email later. I was all over the Hyper-Lites. It's hard to find effective safety products that integrate so nicely and are this effective for only $60 US.


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