Northwest Motorcycle Adventures
Editors choice for motorcycle rentals
Serving the Seattle WA and Portland Oregon areas

Northwest Motorcycle Adventures on Suzuki V-Strom rental fleet. WA Washington & OR OregonNorthwest Motorcycle Adventures on Suzuki V-Strom rental fleet. WA Washington & OR Oregon
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Those of you who have spent any time on this site know by now I only back products or services I feel are exceptional in their class. In this article I'm going to introduce you to Doug Cushing owner and operator of Northwest Motorcycle Adventures. Doug's company (LLC) is run out of Portland Oregon providing service to Oregon and Washington states.

Like a fine tuned big horsepower yet agile bike, Northwest Motorcycle Adventures pulls away from the pack when it come to price, quality, safety and service. When you make the choice to purchase services from Northwest motorcycle Adventures you buy into a full service turn key operation. Doug's fleet consists of Suzuki V-Strom 650 motorcycles. For those of you who are not familiar with the V-Strom its one of the most durable and fun adventure motorcycles made. The V-Strom has plenty of power, good ergonomics, is very fuel efficient and is very nimble in the turns. Each bike is equipped with safety kit, soft saddle bags, rear bag and a tank bag. Best of all Doug is extremely safety oriented and his fleet is impeccably maintained. Doug's service doesn't stop at just bike rentals he also rents gear including Nolan flip face modular helmets (N-102). If you are visiting from out of state or country Doug will assist you in locating lodging and has an agreement with Shilo Inn to provide customers with a discount on their stay. It gets better! If you purchase 4 days or more  the bikes are loaded into a fully equipped covered trailer and delivered to your hotel room or door. Once you have completed the rental duration he then retrieves the motorcycles from you. It doesn't get any easier to rent. That is what it is all about. Ease of use! You more then likely spent allot of time traveling to our great northwest. The last thing you should be doing is wasting time driving to pick up bikes and gear only to have to return them after your adventure. I personally like easy! You more then likely are not familiar with the best riding Washington and Oregon has to offer. This is where Northwest motorcycle Adventure shines above the rest. Doug being an avid rider himself know the roads and doesn't stop there. He takes time to identify and leverage any and all motorcycle resources that will be of use to his customers. Each customer is provided a road guide at no charge. He will send his customers useful links such as Sites designed to inform you of Washington's roads and eateries. This allows his customers to make informed decisions on the routes they chose to ride.

How does he do all this and remain competitive? Doug's fleet consists entirely of Suzuki V-Strom 650's. This means Doug can stock a smaller yet more complete inventory of parts and supplies to maintain his fleet. This is extremely if not impossible to do affordably with several different motorcycle makes and models in your fleet. Others with a mixed fleet may require say a lever. Doug can stock one of each and they fit his entire fleet. With a mixed fleet it may be too costly to stock a lever for each side for each make and model. If one did you can see how it would drive up cost. If they don't have it on hand then the bike is out of service until one is ordered and received. Every day a bike is out of service costs the company money. By having a identical fleet Doug has kept operational costs at a minimum and by keeping things simple can actually maintain a higher level of maintenance. A well maintained motorcycle will have you out on the road doing exactly what you came here to do. Ride!

My goal is to find one service provider that stand out in the crowd raising the bar for all in the field and provide this information to my viewers so they are informed. Northwest motorcycle Adventures has raised the bar for all in his field. This is how a rental service should be.

It's your trip, you earned it  and you owe it to yourself to get the best out of it. Northwest Motorcycle Adventures will assist you any way they can to make sure you get the best out of your motorcycle rides through Washington and Oregon's best roads.. Put simply, that's what they do. They make it happen for their customers one ride at a time.

Northwest Motorcycle Adventures on Suzuki V-Strom rental fleet. WA Washington & OR Oregon

Northwest Motorcycle Adventures
Editors choice for motorcycle rentals
Serving the Seattle WA and Portland Oregon areas

By appointment only at
13150 N.E. Airport Way Bldg #2
Portland, Oregon USA
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