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We spend allot of money protecting ourselves but sometimes forget about protecting our bikes. This can be a very expensive oversight if you should happen to low side your bike. Accidents are not a matter of if but a matter of when. I recently had the pleasure of evaluating a couple frame sliders. The day my sliders arrived was the very day I laid my new Suzuki B-King down. They were not installed and had they been, I wouldn't be bolting on $600 in new parts.

This video and review is on the OES product. OES (One-Eleven Sportbikes) was started in 2003 by twin brothers name Noah and Jacob Hendrix. The company is based out of Tennessee. Both brothers can be found assisting at AMA events as corner workers. They also are track instructors at Elite Sportbike. My favorite part of their site is as follows... "Our goal for OESaccessories is to maintain honesty and integrity by offering reasonably priced products and treating our customers respectfully." So we have two guys actively riding road and track who also are track instructors that want to offer a quality product that is reasonably priced. They want to do so with honesty and integrity. Sounds great so far...

Lets dig into the frame sliders. This is the set of frame sliders that one me over after installing and riding with both products. The OES sliders are made of Delrin and have 6061T6 aluminum inserts which are pressed in. Without the inserts, the engine mount bolts would need to be tightened on a regular basis. 12.9 grade, high strength mounting bolts are included with this set. Absolutely no fairing modifications are required to install. Complete instructions were provided in the package. The install was very simple and took about 10 minutes. The install requires a 3/8" drive  ratchet, extension and an 8mm Allen driver. The same tools used to take off the engine mount bolts were used to install the new frame sliders. The swing arm spools were even easier. Two Allen head bolts and they were on. I mentioned I had another set of sliders installed. After looking the OES product over and seeing them on the bike, I will be sticking with them. My personal opinion is they look much nicer and installed with less tools. Months after I installed the product I was involved in a motorcycle accident where I low sided on my left side. The OES frame sliders did a excellent job protecting the expensive plastic on my B-King. Not one scratch to any plastic. I did scrape my stator case but the frame sliders are not designed to protect that area of the bike. That area requires case sliders.  If you are looking for a quality product that is nicely priced you should consider the products from OESAccessories.com. They have my vote. The kit to the left sells for approximately $64.99 and contains both frame sliders and the swing arm spools. The Frame sliders themselves are $49.99 and the swing arm spools $19.99. They now offer a full kit that includes frame sliders, swing arm spools and fork sliders. The full kit sells for $89.99. These prices are subject to change and may do so at the discretion of the owners. If your interested in purchasing any of the OES products or have questions the contact information is below.

Attention! OES is now offering free shipping on your purchase of any slider set, either frame slider/spools together or frame slider/fork sliders, or all three sets. This offer is good through December 2009.  Very important... OES processes orders quickly, so you must mention me ... Rob Green and Road-Quest.com in the COMMENTS section when you check out, since they might not see an email in time to apply the discount. Retroactive discounts will not be applied (eg, three weeks later, you find this site). Jacob and Noah of OES appreciates your business, and I thank you for checking out this website!

931-858-6654 (office)
931-239-8707 (cell) Noah
931-265-3015 (cell) Jacob
OES Email Form
wera416@twlakes.net - Primary eMail


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