Hybrid Turbo Suzuki B-King
by Darren Schaefer
BigCC Hybrid Turbo Kit


Every now and then I run across an amazing custom bike that I feel others might be interested in. This article covers a Big CC Hybrid Turbo B-King out of the UK. The bike was built buy owner Darren Schaeffer, Big CC Racing and some of  Darren's  friends. The details and story behind this king was authored by Darren Schaefer himself.
The Story
It all started about two years ago. I wanted a Suzuki b king but at 9,000 pounds it was just to expensive for me I've all ways had second hand bike before low mileage bike never dropped. I find its best that way. it means you can sale all the bits you don't need to help pay for bits you do need. it cut costs so over the next two years I was planning my b king. they look nothing like the concept bike Suzuki came out with a few years back. I wanted a cartoon bike big backend turbo high rear seat. short flat bars bit of a bulldog bike. so I sourced a company how could make me a 360 alloy swinging arm with built in catch tank. a company in the united states made up the arm for me. I had RC components make the wheels with my choice of patter which is called slash and then put in to the kit. the exchange rate was two for one which was good at the time getting the kit to fit was interesting as the arm was for a Suzuki Hayabusa not a b king. The rear shock is offset as you have a under seat exhaust coming out the back so a good friend Darrol Ellis and I got my bike into his garage and pulled the back end off and started cutting all the shock points off the frame.
With only 1000 miles on the bike, some say we are crazy. Another mate Tig welded up the frame with all the new shock mounts and another mate made up spacers to suit the arm so it was a snug fit. Our next task was to fit the on board braking system which means the caliper and disc are both on the same side keeping the right side clean looking. We then fitted the front wheel. It went in with no problems. I purchase a Galfer chrome wavy front disc. The stock B-king disc is 310mm. I went with a 320mm mated up with a ISR six pot caliper mounted on one side again, to keep the bike clean looking. My mate made up some spikes on the lathe. These were fitted to the other side of the bike to go where the caliper used to be.

We used Goodridge black carbon brake lines all over the bike. The engine had a bit of magic worked on it from the boys at BigCC with one of their stage 2 modular street kits. On the Dyno we got anything from 270bhp to just over 500bhp.  For a clutch, I fitted a MTC full lock up clutch to handle all that power.

Body work is almost standard apart from Powerbronze carbon tank pods. A Magic Racing carbon fairing was fitted and along with a set of Gilles rear sets and a German rear light.  The bike has allot of titanium nuts and bolts and a Hayabusa side stand cut and re-welded to fit the bike and then polished.

270bhp - 500bhp

JE low compression pistons
Spacer plate
Big CC billet pair valve covers
Ape heavy duty studs
Different valves and springs
Orient express adjustable cam sprockets
Orient express billet cam chain adjuster
Orient express billet covers
MTC lock up clutch
Big CC modular stage 2 street kit up to 500bhp
50mm blow off valve
46mm waste gate
Billet plenum chamber
KMS fuel controller
Powercomander 3 for to stage boost at a flick of a switch
Goodridge hoses all over
SEMCO hoses
BMC air filter

Frame & Body Work
Modified frame new shock mounts
Modified rear sub frame
Gilles rear sets
Power bronze carbon tank pos
Magic racing carbon fairing
Titanium nuts n bolts
Pingel electric gear shifter
Small rear light
Paint Nissan white with blue pearl
Carbon bar ends
White Renthal drag bars

Rear End
18 inch RC wide billet rear wheel
360 rear Tier
Twin drag chains
Alloy Swingarm arm with catch tanks
Goodridge carbon brake line
Goodridge breather lines
K&N air filter
Titanium nuts/n/bolts
ISR caliper 4 pot
Chrome slash sprocket
Slash rear disc

Front End
RC component billet front wheel slash
Chrome Galfer wavy front disc
ISR 6 pot caliper
Twin billet spikes
Goodridge carbon brake lines
ISR fully adjustable clutch lever
ISR fully adjustable brake lever
Black billet yoke cover



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