Two Brothers M2 Carbon Fiber Exhaust with P-1 Power Tips
Practically everyone who has seen the Suzuki B-King in person walked away thinking they just can't get past the enormous exhaust. What was Suzuki thinking? I tried to live with it but finally couldn't take it any more. I looked at Micron, Yoshimura and Two Brothers exhaust. After allot of research including listening to the sound on many YouTube videos I decided on the Two Brothers M2 slip on system. I have to give credit to my nephew Adam Green, who is a parts Guru at Tacoma's Cycle Gear on 38th.  He has a Two Brothers Exhaust system on his GSXR and has been very pleased with it's sound and performance. I purchased the Two Brothers M2 Carbon Fiber cans from Cycle Gear in Tacoma and had Hinshaw's  install them for me. As always Jim Speer's (Service Manager) mechanics did a great job on the installation as they always do. When I picked up the bike the moment of truth came when I depressed the start button and that big 1340cc engine came to life. Wow! The engine had a nice deep but loud roar to it. I was very please to say the least. I was a bit concerned about the noise level though. Since I plan on riding this bike for a couple hundred miles a day load pipes can wear on ones every last nerve. Once I took care of my bill I was on the road headed for home. By the time I was half way home that roar had been resonating in my helmet to the point my ears were ringing slightly. Not good! I rode straight up to Tacoma's Cycle Gear and ordered the P-1 Power tips. They make two models. P1-R (-2 - -3 db) and the P-1 (-4 to -5 db). I went with the P-1 power tips. Once they arrived I installed them while my video camera captured the event. The install was very easy and required only a Torxs bit. It wasn't long and I was leaning over the tank ready to once again depress the start button to hear the new sound. What a difference the Power Tips made. The pipes still had that throaty sound but it was more subdued and at 2,000 RPM it didn't have that deep loud resonating sound. The Power Tips did exactly what they were suppose to do. One thing to note is that Two Brothers designed there exhaust systems so the use of the two different Power Tips does not rob from performance. After the installation of the Two Brothers M2 slip-on exhaust Jim Speer from Hinshaw's stated the end product had a much cleaner look then the Yoshimura's. The video above shows the installation process with before and after sound samples. The modification took about 15 minutes. Another successful modification goes into the books.

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