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I receive articles or emails from riders from time to time. I don't have the time to publish all of them but some I feel should be shared and this one I thought would be a great one to publish. One of my readers and fellow B-king rider (Kevin Patterson) submitted the article bellow. Kevin wanted to take the time to acknowledge women riders who like most guys have a love for the sport. I have not Oyster Run 2009 largest motorcycle rally in the Northwest. Anacortes WA Washington, Harleys, custom choppers, sport bikes cruisers bikers riding roads touring Road-Quest.comlooked at women any different then men when it comes riding. I have met many with great riding skills and a big passion for the sport of motorcycle riding and racing. In earlier years I did notice there were fewer involved then recent years. I gauge this on participation I have seen at motorcycle events and rallies I have attended past to present. To give an example, this years Oyster Run 2009. This event is held in Anacortes Washington and attracted a whopping 15,000 + bikes. This is a one day event and is noted to be the largest rally in the Northwest. I noticed allot more women riding in to town on everything from sport bikes to Harleys and even an occasional Custom Chopper. How cool is that?

Women riders are far from new to the sport. Women have been making great strides in the sport for the past 70+ years. Dorothy Robinson was one of the first women to break down gender barriers and pave the way for female motorcyclists. Prestigiously known as the "First Lady of Motorcycling," Robinson competed in a number of endurance runs and races, bringing home her first victory in 1930 at the Flint 100 race. This iconic motorcycle legend also became the first woman to win an AMA national race by taking a victory at the Jack Pine National Endurance Championship in 1940 – a competition she won once again in 1946. Robinson was also a co-founder of Motor Maids, the first official U.S. motorcycle organization for women. The club encouraged many women to give motorcycling a try. Read More

Valerie Thompson motorcycle drag racing NHRAProfessional drag racer Valerie Thompson set another record at Bonneville Speedway's 4th International Motorcycle Speed Trials. Valerie clocked in at 161.736 miles per hour on a panhead, an set an all-new land speed record
. In this same article we have Kimberly Crystal Kelly with a 2007 Honda Goldwing GL1800 with a specially designed side-car. Kimberly entered the record books with a speed of 108.214 mph in the SC-G-2000 Gas class and 108.365 in the SC-F-2000 Fuel class. Her fastest pass, 108.850 mph, came in the Fuel-class effort. Read More

Probably one of the most well known is the 2008 AMA Racing Female Rider of the Year Leslie Porterfield. Porterfield became the official fastest female motorcyclist in America this summer at the International Speed Trials by BUB with a top speed of 234.197mph. In addition, she broke three land-speed records and became the first woman to enter the Bonneville 200 mph Club on a conventional "sit on" motorcycle.  Read More  Leslie Portfield - Official Web Site


These are a few examples of women riders that have excelled and in some cases made careers in the sport of motorcycle racing. This all starts with women getting involved in the sport and demonstrated a passion for bikes and riding in general. Without further a due.. I'll let Kevin introduce you to two women riders who excel on the road and on the track.

Kevin's Article

Hi, I'm Kevin Patterson, I just wanted to do a short article on women riders. I have always thought that women have been kind of over looked in the motorcycle word. There is a lot more women riders than you would think. The first thing that most people think when they see a woman rider is that they are inferior to other riders, but I beg to differ. Here is a good example of two very good and experienced women riders. I have logged a lot of miles with both and they are very impressive!!. Lisa Patterson and Carrie Robinson have 100% different goals in there riding but both are very safe and courteous. As you will see in the pictures and story's is that Carrie is into high performance and Lisa is into scenic and long distance riding. These ladies can ride, I have been triple digits behind both of them!!

By Kevin Patterson
Bike: 2008 Suzuki B-King
Published: October 2nd, 2009

Let's here from the ladies...

Lisa G. Patterson

Yamaha Virago, 750 cc, 23214 mi, 1983 - Denver CO
 My first bike was a 750 Yamaha Virago. The day we picked it up, my husband had me on it driving around our horse track in first gear. I was a work in progress, next came stopping, then changing gears. After lots of practice and getting my learner's permit, I was off and riding. I loved riding but wasn't sure this bike was for me. This was an old bike with some mechanical problems that didn't really mix well with a new rider. There is definitely allot to learn once you start riding. I took the Beginners Motorcycle Safety course which taught me allot as well. The figure 8 in a box was the hardest for me. I scored the lowest in the class which is actually the best score. Sooner than later we purchased my first new bike, a 250 Ninja.
Kawasaki Ninja, 250 cc, 4500 mi, 2004 - Wayne NJ
  We did a little modification to it, gel hand grips, Muzzie pipe, nothing major. Loved it, great handling but still not sure it was the bike for me. My next bike was a 2006 GSXF Suzuki Katana 600. Definitely the bike for me. I have been fortunate enough to have a great husband that loves to ride and take lots of road trips and I sometime accompany him. We have tailored to Florida twice and rode the coast line. Absolutely beautiful scenery there. We took the scenic route from Lynchburg VA to Cherokee NC across the Parkway. We also took a trip to the beach and then to Deals Gap, the Tail of the Dragon in NC recently.  I have learned so much from him and just riding, which I love to do. I don't push the envelope and am a very safe, conscientious rider however I do like to, as my husband puts it, clean out the carbs once in a while.

Carrie Robinson

I got my first bike in Oct 2004, a Suzuki GS500E.  I learned how to ride by going up and down the street in front of my townhouse along with some schooling from a couple guys at my job.  In Jan 2005 I bought a 2003 Ninja 636 and quickly fell in love with it!  The speed and handling was far more superior to the GS500E.  I spent a lot of time and money on the Ninja.

One day I rode to Eastside Drag strip in Waynesboro, VA with some friends.  As I watched them race on the open TnT track, the more I wanted to try!  So with the help and encouragement of my boyfriend and MSR, I lined up on the track…terrified and full of adrenalin at the same time.  I didn’t do very well at all, a horrible pass, but my determination wanted to accomplish more.  After several tracks and a lot of seat time, my best time was 6.8 in the 1/8 mile…not bad for a stock 600 sitting short.  I won a couple best in show and fastest female trophies with that bike.

In 2008 I upgraded to a 2005 Hayabusa. I was set up and ready for the track, stretched 6” over, lowered, turbo, air shifter, lightened, kill switch and full leathers!  What a BIG difference.  I registered for drag racing school at MIR with Jason Miller, great class and I learned a lot.  I was in the process of getting used to launching the bike when my transmission sheared some teeth and shattered a shaft. In the meantime, I bought a 2003 Buell Firebolt, something I always wanted from the very beginning but everyone laughed at it.  The Firebolt is the funnest bike I’ve ridden a lot of torque, belt driven v-twin.  A whole new world for me!  And it has opened the door to curves and future road racing track days…



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