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Prior to working at my current company I was a auto mechanic. I'm very picky when it comes to service and like most folks, I like superior service shops that have fair prices. For me, in  most cases, it doesn't make sense to do my own work unless it's bolt on stuff.  Since I'm very busy, I choose to purchase the labor and avoid spending my time. This allows for more quality riding time. I have used many shops in the Puget Sound area and  have to recommend Hinshaw's in Auburn. Hinshaw's has a very professional service team and quality and customer satisfaction seem to be a large part of their statement of work. Stop in and see them. Walk back to the service department and you will notice there are plenty of windows into the shop. Unlike other shops I have been to, they have nothing to hide. You will notice how clean their shop is kept. Counters are clean and carpeted to protect your chrome and paint as parts are removed for service access. If they have the time they will wash your bike. Need an oil change or tune today? Hinshaw's has always told me to drop the bike off first thing in the morning. It has always been completed by days end. I have not had to make one appointment and this includes during peak riding season. When your service is complete you will receive a follow up phone call to see if you were satisfied. Another indication that they care about the customers experience.  I have been equally pleased with their sales, parts and accessories departments. The world needs more like Hinshaw's.

7-24-2008 - 12,000 miles came quickly and the need for a new tire was inevitable. The last bit of tire seemed to disappear allot faster then I figured it would be. This is most likely due to the summer temperatures and my passion for pushing my wing through the turns a bit harder then most. With a ride planned for Saturday to MT Baker and another Sunday to MT Rainier I was concerned about the tire to say the least. Hinshaw's took me in without an appointment as they always have and performed my 12,000 mile maintenance and mounted a new Dunlop Touring Elite III. Everyone makes mistakes and due to a misunderstanding a Dunlop 250 was mounted. The Mechanic John asked me why I wanted the 250. It was then we both realized the wrong tire was mounted. They were extremely busy on this day and mistakes happen. God knows I make enough of them. John was now off the clock but he clocked back in and in no time he had the Elite III mounted and balanced and finished up with a wipe down of the front end to remove any finger prints etc. When he brought my wing around the bike had been washed for me as well. This was a big relief as I was trying to find time the last week to wash it. Once again I am extremely pleased with Hinshaw's service department and appreciate Johns diligence to put out the highest quality work. The wing rides like a dream on the new tire and once again I walk away a happy customer. When dealing with service department as a customer keep in mind they too are human and at some point in time will make mistakes. What sets the great shops a part from the standard shops is how they make things right. 

Now you know the scoop on the shop. I recently purchased my 2008 Suzuki B-king from Hinshaw's during one of their sales. The price was reduced $,2800.00 and that is what drew me in. Once again I received the highest level of service from the sales staff at Hinshaw's. The deal went smooth and my bike was delivered as promised when promised. Best of all was the price.

After months of riding bliss, I was involved in a motorcycle VS. car accident. Hinshaw's quickly checked out my bike and provided a very reasonable repair estimate to my insurance company. They were very thorough and professional. The work was completed as soon as the parts arrived. They actually came in under the estimated price. The bike handled and looked like new when they were done. From there the bike was off to the painters for it's custom airbrushed paint by James Scott www.PaintbyJames.com. Hinshaw's played a big part in making the custom bike below happen.


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